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Email HKGolden50 Petition to LegCo and Exco members!
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Dear Government official/ Legislative Councilor,
This is the time to invest billions into Hong Kong, and we need your support in making this happen. Our economy is experiencing a second growth spurt with the influx of capital, talent and business opportunities. This growth spurt has already started in 2010, pulling demand from all sectors of the Hong Kong economy from retail to hospitality to healthcare to education. Hong Kong is now in urgent need of labour, land and infrastructure for our services to grow. The latest HKGolden50 report Hong Kong - The Golden 5 Years and the Decline that may follow...
( http://www.hkgolden50.org/research.html ) clearly indicates that a fortuitous combination of social and economic factors ushering in a period of high economic growth with better public policies to match.
The leap in growth in Hong Kong can be attributed to three main factors:
1) World economic activity moving eastward- the most educated overseas Chinese are returning to Hong Kong- More businesses are setting up offices in Hong Kong to facilitate their expansion in the rapidly growing Asian market
2) Trend towards 'one country one market'- as more and more mainland Chinese spend, invest and work in Hong Kong, they bring more and more jobs into the city
3) Baby-boomers in power- representing the largest age-group population, the baby-boomers aged 45 to 54 form the largest voter group and can swing policy. These baby-boomers have accumulated wealth, knowledge and life experience, and form a fair jury to chart Hong Kong's next 50 years. They are demanding more healthcare services and retirement facilities as they age.
This is not just a financial story. This is a story of the growth of excellence. New York, as the largest financial center in the world, is also the hub for the best writers, best steakhouses and best musicals on Broadway, among many other things. Hong Kong can and will also blossom holistically, because with money comes demand across all service sectors. Hong Kong people from all walks of life will benefit, whether you work on Fa Yuen Street or Pedder Street.
A new era is starting- the world is waiting for an Asian city to step up to the global platform and rise above the others. Singapore, Shenzhen and Shanghai are now fighting very hard for that coveted spot by investing heavily in service capacities and attracting talents with better standards of living, such as quality healthcare, education and cultural development. Should we sit and watch as Singapore eat away at our pie or do we ramp up our investments and grow our pie? What we choose to do in the immediate 5 years will define the next 50.
It is time to make up for the years of underinvestment and lay down a far better social and business infrastructure for the creation of 50 years of harmony and prosperity for the people of Hong Kong, young and old. With a fiscal surplus of HK$ 75 billion last year (plus HK$580 billion in reserve) and even higher surplus predicted this year and the next two, we have the money to propel Hong Kong to a better future. All we need is the can-do spirit of our people and the government's facilitation to grow our pie. We need to invest in Hong Kong's infrastructure wisely and build more hospitals, schools and offices. These policies should be accompanied by measures to nurture local talent, increase technological productivity, and attract doctors, artists, and engineers globally.
If we grow our pie, Hong Kong can surpass London and catch up with New York. With your support, Hong Kong will become a truly global metropolitan. Please read the HKGolden50 report and take action now.
Yours Truly,
Hong Kong Stakeholder
香港黃金五十於九月發表首份研究報告《香港──黃金五年(2010-2014)盛衰關鍵》( http://www.hkgolden50.org/research.html ) ,指出香港將面對百年難得一見的機遇,為香港帶來八十年代後的另一段高增長期,推動香港公共政策改弦更張。