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Hong Kong is a small city with big energy, colours and imagination. Our short history is marked by disruptions and challenges that could have easily sidelined Hong Kong. What has enabled Hong Kong to defy that fate and bounce back stronger is the abundance of good sense, dare, hard work and the big heart of our people. There were moments of weakness but there was never danger of a "death of Hong Kong".

We, at HKGolden50, believe Hong Kong stands at the gate of yet another big challenge. What we choose to do in the immediate 5 years will define the next 50. In the 5 years we expect Hong Kong will enjoy some of the strongest inflows of opportunities in our history. If Hong Kong people think through the issues calmly and sensibly, we can capture these and enhance the long-term growth of our economy, thereby supporting jobs and social harmony for the next generation. If we choose to do nothing and allow these opportunities to disappear, we may well regret the decline that may follow the Golden 5 Years and while Hong Kong ages.

HKGolden50 is an optimist – we believe Hong Kong’s golden years will run far into the future because Hong Kong people will choose wisely. Our mission is to encourage awareness, discussion, research and ownership of these immediate issues in society in the hope that Hong Kong can move forward boldly again.